A Monument to the Music

Three people in my family have monuments in Morristown NJ. They all decided to get them around the same time because they saw some that a company had made and wanted to get their own. I guess that’s how most things works. People see something that looks cool and have to have one. It worked on me too, because once I saw their monuments, I had to have my own, and I wanted it to be unique to only me. I had just the perfect thing in mind that would make a really good monument.

Since I play the violin for an orchestra, I came up with the idea of having a sculpture of me playing the violin for my monument. I gave a monument company a picture of me with my violin to use as a reference image and they came up with a model that would be used to make the final monument. They have some incredibly skilled workers at their company, because the model that they made looked exactly like me, down to the finest facial features. It was like the model would start moving its arms and sound would come out of the violin. That’s how real it looked.

The full sized monument was even better than the model. I wish I had as much talent as the people who made the monument, but I guess we all have something that we’re good at. I should probably decide who I will leave my violin to after I’m gone. I don’t have any kids, and I’m not sure if I actually want any, but it would be nice to have a son or daughter that I could pass the violin to and they would be able to pass it down to their kids and it would keep going down the line.