Watch Alchemy Of Souls Indo Sub + Link Always Update Episodes 1-12

Watch Alchemy Of Souls Indo Sub + Link Always Update Episodes 1-12 – Watch Alchemy Of Souls, good news for you connoisseurs of Korean dramas or K-dramas. Because the newest title of the drama Alchemy Of Souls has officially released the first 2 episodes.

This long-awaited drama has finally premiered recently. For those of you who like the fantasy, drama, romantic and comedy genres. Those with the theme of the royal era are certainly mandatory to watch.

For those of you who are already excited about this drama, just watch this drama! Do not miss.

About Alchemy Of Souls

Watch Alchemy Of Souls Indo Sub + Link Always Update Episodes 1-12

The drama that K-drama fans have been waiting for has finally released 2 episodes. Released on June 18 2022 entitled Alchemy Of Souls.

This drama is a Korean drama that tells a story in the royal era. Which has Fantasy, Drama, Romance and Comedy genres.

For those of you who like drama genres from the 4 predetermined genres, then it is certain that you will like this colossal drama.

This Korean drama presents 20 episodes. As usual, there will be more episodes for colossal dramas compared to other genre dramas which only issue 16 episodes.

It is estimated that this drama will be released this June until August, which has not yet been confirmed when the release date will be finished. You can watch it while on-going.

For the Korean drama Alchemy of Souls, you can enjoy it on tvN Korean cable TV and watching applications issued by Netflix. Each episode will come out every week.

Synopsis Drama Alchemy Of Souls

For those of you who haven't watched or know the short synopsis of the drama Alchemy Of Souls, you can see the explanation below carefully.

The drama Alchemy Of Souls tells of a man named Jang Wook, played by Lee Jae Wook. Is someone who comes from a noble family.

During his lifetime, Jang Wook also had many unpleasant stories and was talked about by many people. And Jang Wook is also known as a person who often makes trouble.

Then one day, Jang Wook meets a woman named Mu Deok, played by Jung So Min. The official becomes Jang Wook's servant

Mu Deok is also known as someone whose soul is trapped in a body that looks very weak. Curious, right? For the next story, please watch!

Cast Alchemy Of Souls

This latest drama stars beautiful actors and actresses who are charming and of course with capable acting skills. Some of the players are very experienced in the world of acting.

Let's see who the players are in the drama Alchemy Of Souls!

1. Lee Jae Wook

It should be noted that the main actor in this drama was born in 1998. At a relatively young age, he has starred in various drama series before.

Even the actor from Jang Wook has received extraordinary awards during his career as an actor.

Lee Jae Wook won the Best New Actor award when starring in the drama Extraordinary You in 2019 through the MBC Drama Awards.

As well as winning the Excellent Actor award while playing in the drama Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol. This time the award was obtained at the 202 KBS Drama Awards.

The following is a list of drama series that has starred actor Lee Jae Wook before:

  • You Are Amazing, as Baek Kyung
  • Memories of the Alhambra, playing the character Marco Han
  • Search : WWW, as Seol Ji Hwan
  • When the Weather is Fine, plays Lee Jang Woo
  • Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, as Sunwoo Joon
  • True Beauty, as Baek Kyung (episode 4)
  • Move to Heaven, as Kim Su Cheol
  • Alchemy of Souls, as Jang Wook

2. Young Sun Min

Who are drama lovers who don't know this beautiful actress? Surely many of you know Jung So Min. Jung So Min herself is one of the senior actresses who already has a lot of experience.

In this drama, this 1989-born actress plays the character Mu Deok. Despite having a younger co-star, actress Jung So Min looks the same age as actor Lee Jae Wook.

The following is a drama that has starred in the actor Mu Deok before Alchemy Of Souls.

  • Bad Guy, playing Hong Mo Ne
  • The Sound of Your Heart, as Choi Ae Bong
  • My Father is Strange, as Byun Mi Young
  • Because It's My First Life, as Yoo Ji Ho
  • What's Wrong With Secretary Kim, plays Mi So's mother (episode 10)
  • Abyss, as an alien (episode 1)
  • Soul Mechanic, plays Han Woo Joo
  • My Roommate Is a Gumiho, as Shin Woo Yep's old love (episode 6 & 7)
  • Alchemy of Souls, as Mu Deok
  • Playful Kiss, as Oh Ha Ni

In addition to the myriad of dramas that have been mentioned, there are many other dramas and films.

3. Hwang Minhyun

For those of you who have watched Produce 101, surely you already know who Hwang Min Hyun is. A singer who also occasionally becomes an actor.

This 1996-born man who is usually called by the name Minhyun took part in the drama Alchemy Of Souls which played Seo Yool.

Here are the dramas or movies Minhyun has played in:

  • Trot Lovers (2014)
  • Earn 101 (2016 – 2017)
  • Want One Go (2017)
  • Their Distance (2015)
  • Live On (2020 – 2021)
  • Soul Alchemy (2022)

Although there are still quite a few dramas and films that Minhyun has played. He is still trying hard to get into his role as Seo Yool for this new drama.

4. Arin

This beautiful actress has the real name Choi Ye Won. Arin was previously known as the youngest member of a girl group called Oh My Girl which debuted in 2015.

The songs released by Oh My Girl are very unique, easy listening, and cheerful. It's a shame that the girl group that used to consist of 8 people, now only consists of 6 people. After the departure of JinE and Jiho the visual.

After carving a career as an idol, Arin began to enter the world of acting and has played in several dramas or series.

It is known that Arin once starred in a drama adapted from the Webtoon entitled Girl's World. In this drama, Arin plays a character named Oh Nari. Apart from that, Arin also starred in the horror series on Netflix entitled Goedeam 2.

5. Go Yoon Jung

The actress who is also known as a model also took part in playing the character Nak Su in the drama Alchemy Of Souls.

The actress/model born in 1996, has recently been busy playing dramas, even though she is relatively new. Every drama he plays gets a fairly high rating.

Here are the dramas or films that Go Yoon Jung has played:

  • Seoul atmosphere
  • He is Psychometric (2019) as Kim So hyun
  • The school nurse files play the role of Choi Yoo Jin
  • Sweet home (2020) as Park Yuri
  • Law School, as Jeon Ye only

As a model who is just struggling in the world of cinema, Go Yoon Jung will always improve his acting skills and will continue to play in other new dramas.

6. Will In Soo

In the drama Alchemy of Souls this time, Yoo In Soo plays Park Dang Gu. This 1998-born actor also has some experience in acting.

The following is a list of dramas and series that have starred in the actor Park Dang Gu before.

  • We're All Dead, as Yoon Gwi Nam
  • Love Alarm, as a male student
  • ID: Gangnam Beauty. As Park Rae Sun
  • School 2017, as a high school student
  • While You Were Sleeping, as a student
  • Strong Girl Bong Soon, plays Kang Koo

Apart from that, there are several other movies and dramas too!

Watch Alchemy Of Souls with Indo Sub

For those of you who want to watch Alchemy of Souls with Indonesian subtitles, you can watch it on Korean TV broadcast by tvN.

If you have trouble finding tvN, you can watch it on the Netflix platform. However, to be able to watch it via Netflix, you must subscribe first.

But for those of you who want to watch Alchemy Of Souls with Indo Sub for free, you can directly tap the link in this table.

NoEpisodeWatch Links
1Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 1 Sub Indo
2Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 2 Sub Indo
3Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 3 Sub Indo
4Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 4 Sub Indo
5Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 5 Sub Indo
6Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 6 Sub Indo
7Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 7 Sub Indo
8Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 8 Sub Indo
9Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 9 Sub Indo
[Not Yet Released]
10Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 10 Sub Indo
[Not Yet Released]
11Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 11 Sub Indo
[Not Yet Released]
12Nonton Alchemy Of Souls
Episode 12 [Finished] Sub Indo
[Not Yet Released]

Have you decided where to watch this drama?

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Yi-gyum works with the help of Hong Da-in, a female inspector, and Park Chun-sam, her servant who is talkative but has a strong sense of affection.

The final word

Thus this article is about the latest Korean drama, Alchemy Of Souls. Hopefully this can give you an idea about this Korean drama. Don't miss the episode!

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