Why Laptop Charger Not Charging? Here's an explanation and how to check it!

Why Laptop Charger Not Charging? Here's an explanation and how to check it!

Why Laptop Charger Not Charging? Here's an explanation and how to check it! – Laptops do offer more flexible usage support than regular computers. With the built-in battery, we can use it without being tied to a power source.

So it will be a problem if the charger suddenly cannot charge the battery. Laptops can automatically lose their flexibility of use or even cannot be used at all for activities.

The problem of the charger not being able to charge unfortunately can haunt anyone. Especially for laptops with a long service life where component damage can suddenly greet you.

In order to fix the problem of the charger not being able to charge, we need to find out the cause first. This is not an easy matter because it can be different for each case that arises so it needs to be considered one by one.

There are many reasons why a laptop charger can't charge. Therefore, you can use the following reasons as a reference to make it easier to find so that you can immediately get the right solution.

Why Laptop Chargers Not Charging?

Problem Connection

The socket, charger, and laptop must be connected properly so that later it can drain power to the battery. If you experience problems, the charging process will not run properly.

If the charger suddenly can't charge, we need to check the various connections. We need to make sure that the cable is not broken, the plug fits perfectly into the socket so that the socket is not loose or damaged.

Checking this connection can be easier if we have a special measuring instrument called a multimeter. But if you don't have it, we can try to re-plug the charger into the socket or laptop.

We can also try to replace the socket or power cord that is used. Checking this connection can also be done by borrowing a suitable charger to make sure.

Battery Connector Not Connected Perfectly

Laptop batteries generally use special connectors so they can supply power or be charged. If it is not connected perfectly, it could mean that the charging process from the charger will be interrupted or even stopped.

Especially for laptops with removable battery models, try removing them first. After that clean the connector with a brush or cloth and then plug it back in. Next, do the charging.

For models with built-in batteries, we need to disassemble the laptop to be sure. We may need to ask for help from people who are more skilled in this matter if we are still new or afraid of the device getting damaged even more.

Charger Ability Decreased or Damaged

As the age of use, the components in the charger can also experience a decrease in ability. Of course, it can be a problem because it will generally create less charging power than what the laptop needs.

Even though the success of the charging process also depends on the power that can be supplied by the charger. If it doesn't meet the laptop's minimum needs, then it's likely that the battery won't be charged because the electricity supply can only make the device turn on.

Not to mention if the charger is really damaged. Like electronic devices in general, continuous use can also wear out the components inside. It can be faster if there is a usage error such as a short circuit or short circuit.

Borrowing a charger that fits your laptop can be an alternative to trying to diagnose this problem. If we can do the charger afterward, then we need to immediately consider buying a new one.

Laptop Battery Decreasing

Just like a charger, the ability of the battery in a laptop can also continue to decline over time. The process in general can be even faster than other electronic components.

This drop in battery capacity is fortunately easy to spot. One of them is characterized by its durability that is getting shorter so that the laptop cannot turn on for the actual duration even though it is fully charged or also often makes the laptop suddenly turn itself off.

Replacing the battery is certainly the only option to solve this problem. But to be sure, we can take the laptop to a repairman or directly to the help center of the relevant brand first.

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